“Bikini bodies” “hourglass figure” “baywatch babes”..... is this a workout?!🤣🤣🤣


Oh my, we had so much fun tonight during Roamblender!!!! I guess I started the group off on this track: we were doing grapevines and I said this was a perfect exercise for that hourglass figure..... then when we were doing sideplanks somebody mentioned bikini bodies.... The next exercise brought us onto the topic of Baywatch babes.... Then I said: “forget bikini bodies, I am off to the naturist beach this summer!” Our abs were working overtime tonight!

Joking apart, we worked really hard tonight. Daniel might be pleased to hear we did the squat-ups from one of his older videos..... ouch, glutes were screaming. Our calves were working (and screaming) very hard as we were skipping up the steps! Other exercises: Ski squats and sumo squats down the steps, wall handstands with shoulder taps (bottom left pic), single leg deadlifts on rocks, full body lifts on benches and loads more. Cooldown on the beach, yay!

Top picture shows the beautiful cloudscape that met us as we got down to the beach! There was rain somewhere out there, but we stayed nice and dry. And what’s more: due to the clocks changing, we will no longer be exercising in the dark!!!