FB Strong - Day 23 - Workout COMPLETE !!!


Hey guys,

how is everyone doing?

Today I felt kind of lousy and tired, I ended up getting super bloated for some reason after lunch and it hasn’t gone down yet. I try to remind myself that it’s normal to sometimes bloat, especially when drinking lots of water, and that it’s okay to not have a flat stomach all day every day - so I forced myself to get over myself and decided to still show up for my workout.

Today was Day 23 of FB Strong and I think this picture describes perfectly how I felt after today’s workout - I am BEAT!!! Kelli, you killed my arms today! I managed lifting weight I didn’t think I could handle and I even managed to press in a 3 minute plank at the end - THREE MINUTES YOU GUYS!!! FB Strong has been so much fun and I’m kind of sad that I have already reached the last week...

I will be starting FB Fit after this one ends - who here has done FB Fit and can share some of their experiences and thoughts and feelings about it with me?

Let’s chat you guys!

Lots of Love