Just Throwing Something Together


Today, I walked into the kitchen and said, “what are you making, sweetie?” ⁣

#chefinthemaking answered, “oh, throwing some things together.”⁣

Interesting, because when I “throw some things together” it never looks quite like this…and it certainly doesn’t taste like this. Oh, and it certainly isn’t this healthy.⁣

Anyway, on today’s lunch menu was:⁣

- Roasted cauliflower.⁣

- Chickpea (or garbanzo bean) salad, with coconut curry lemon dressing (oh, and a bit of Thai basil). Who can spot the fresh chickpeas from the dried (but then soaked and cooked) chickpeas? ;)⁣

- Green salad with fresh greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion, snow peas, and shaved Brussels sprouts with lemon dressing.⁣

It does not suck to be me.

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