My March PFT + My Story


Hi there!

My name is Julia. I love working out, gardening, and banging away on the piano. Here is my story.

For the last few years, I've been trying to work out regularly- but it's been on and off. I'm not overweight, but that doesn't mean I'm fit. But in November of 2018, I really got going. I began working out regularly, I ran a 5K...and then I arranged my own program of FB Workouts to train for a cross-country ski race in February of this year. As time drew closer to February, I continued to work out...but my motivation was dwindling, and with it, my workouts. Despite beating my previous record at the ski race by nearly 30 minutes, I felt disappointed. I felt that I could have done better if I had worked out more. To make my disappointment worse, I had committed not to consume coffee and extra sugar during February. Though I achieved my coffee goal, I miserably failed my sugar goal.

By March, I was more than ready to start fresh. I started a whole new workout plan with both short term and long term goals. I still didn't meet my goals.

Now, I realize that I was piling far too many goals upon myself at once. Imagine going from dessert and extra sugar once several times per day to NO sugar, or adding a 45-minute bedtime routine to your schedule, or working out every day when you practically never work out.

Finally, I have made manageable goals. This April, I am looking forward to the future. To keep track of my progress and motivate myself, I am going to complete FB's PFT every month. Here are the results of my end-of-March PFT.

1 Mile Run 9:05

Push-Ups 13 Half

Squats 52 (0 lbs)

Plank 0:46

Sit & Reach -4 inches (-20.3 cm)

I'm also going to schedule my workouts as follows:

Sunday - (Run, ski, bike)

Monday - FB Legs Workout

Tuesday - FB Arms Workout

Wednesday - FB Abs Workout

Thursday - Rest Day (FB yoga, stretching, Pilates)

Friday - FB Legs Workout

Saturday - FB Arms Workout

I'd love to hear any suggestions. I am totally a beginner to working out and "getting fit" and I might be doing something wrong or unwise. Please comment if you have any suggestions for what I could do better.