Surprise! Three pounds down... Intermittent fasting


Roughly one week ago I started intermittent fasting again (day one: 12/31). I’ve alternated between a 16:8 and 20:4 eating window while continuing to work out with the Segars. I count calories and macros loosely, mainly to track my nutrition. However, I’m not super committed to tracking and don’t do it everyday. I passed by a scale we have in the house today and thought, “hmmm...I wonder...” I didn’t expect anything bc I’ve been strength training and I know the scale isn’t terribly reliable. I have noticed my waist is flatter and more nipped and my legs looked tighter but I still didn’t expect to have lost any more than maybe .5 lb.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t even jumping for joy at the 3lb loss. I realized that I’ve already made peace with my body and my process. That being strong and consistent and seeing slow changes in my body has had more of a positive effect on my well-being than the scale ever could. I see those three pounds and I’m proud, but I realized I already was proud, but they’ve given me all the more gumption to KEEP GOING! I say that to myself every single day. Just KEEP GOING. And, I’m slowly making my way 🙂❤️