Good morning!

Day 22 of Low Impact is complete! I'm on the homestretch to my first program complete and I'm so excited!

Yesterday, even with parking my car around the corner, it doesn't make up for the lack of walking in the evening. I only got in 4500 steps. It's a real eye-opener, how little I was moving throughout the day! Today is my double-shift so I imagine it'll be the same,

Chatting with the boyfriend about the lack of movement, I asked him if (once his foot is healed) he'd walk with me in the evenings, and he said he'd do me one better - he wants to go bike riding! We did that a couple of summers ago and I was really resistant to it. It was so hard and I wasn't working out back then. But now I'm stoked!

I hope everyone has a wonderful morning - go crush your workouts or crush your rests! :D