Congratulations + I need some help...


First off, congratulations Kelli and Daniel on the new and improved site! I love everything about it so far. Hard work really pays off. Thanks for all that you do!

Second, I've been with Fitness Blender for almost 3 years. But for the last 1.5 years, I've really struggled with finding time to workout. I used to be a stay at home/work from home mom so it was easier, but now that I've been working outside of the home it's tough. My day to day routine basically looks like this:

6:30am - wake up and get ready for the day

7am - wake up my kids and help get them ready for school

8:15am - leave to drop them off

8:40am - back home to cook myself breakfast and eat

9:30am - leave for work

7pm - return from work

7:15 - eat dinner

7:30 - spend some quality time with my kids

8:30 - send my 6 year old up to bed and clean up for 30 minutes

9pm - send my 9 year old up to bed so I can finally lay down

I honestly have no idea how to squeeze in a workout. I work at a daycare so I'm constantly on my feet and moving around. By 9pm I'm exhausted and can't even think about working out. At this point I'm considering just working out on the weekends but is it pointless? Just 2 days a week? Any advice is welcome! Sorry if this is super drawn out. Thanks!