FB Low Impact and post partum

I just finished FB Low Impact program, and I feel so great ! Need to share !

The picture on the left is me before my second pregnancy and after a few months of workouts with FB (never felt better in my body).

Baby was born in November, and after a few weeks I realized that my diastasis recti wouldn't go away on its own, and that my belly button still out was in fact a small hernia... I felt a bit betrayed by my body. So I worked on healing my core.

Two months later (3.5 months post partum), pelvic floor rehab with midwife done, and with a functional core (still weak, but functional, and diastasis almost non existent). The hernia will mean small surgery, but that'll wait. That's the middle pictures. I felt better, and ready to work out !

And today, pictures on the right, Low Impact completed in 5 weeks. My muscles are back, my core is getting stronger, and I'm feeling like me again.

I still can't wear my pre pregnancy jeans, but I'm confident that I will.

So now I'm ready for FB Strong, ahah !