13 weeks side view picture, and advice on how often I should be training please :)

So I'm 13 weeks in now and loving all the workouts that I've done, still am struggling with body image and trying to think positive instead of negative, I will slowly get there. Thanks to everyone who supported and suggested things on my last post where I didn't know how to handle thinking those things I appreciated it. I am so excited to get the new program! I won't get it for a couple weeks because I am getting a thigh tattoo on my non tattooed leg and won't be able to do what I want! But I'm so looking forward to it! (Who knew I'd be excited about buying an exercise program haha) so this picture is my 13 weeks difference, how's everyone else's progress/health going? Hopefully good :) I'm starting to do more strength training, does anyone know the correct sort of 'exercise amount' you're meant to do weekly? Like 5 days strength two days HIIT etc I work out normally twice daily. I do HIIT most days, strength training I do 5 times a week, and abs and an upper body workout I tend to only do twice a week, how much is over training? (When I say twice daily it can mean I do a HIIT workout video then follow by a nice 30 min strength training) I don't mean I do two massive workouts a day :) I count that as one, then maybe I'll do a 30 min ab rountine at night. So yeh anyone have any advice on average what/how much of those types of workouts I should be doing weekly? Thank you :) xox