FB Fit Round 2: Program Complete + Progress Pics

It's been a while since I posted any updates apart from daily check-ins, so I thought I'd do a longer post.

This was my first time doing Fit Round 2, and if you have the time/energy for longer workouts, I definitely recommend it! I love programs that have a good mix of everything, and this is one of those.

I've also started to really watch my diet for the first time since starting with FB. I was trying to eat clean before, but I've discovered that I am terrible at intuitive eating. So my goal is to follow a meal plan for a year and see if that can retrain my brain, especially with portion sizes. The first few weeks were difficult, but it's more manageable now, and I definitely have days where I indulge. I just try to make sure that I'm indulging with something I actually want and not just giving into peer pressure, boredom, etc.

Other than that, the pic on the left is from January 14th when I started the program, and the pic on the right is from yesterday. I've lost about 9 lbs since then. I can definitely see more waist definition and maybe a little hint of abs depending on the lighting.

I think that my belly fat has finally started to really come off, and I'm no longer self-conscious about having that bloated look from the side. My clothes are loosening up too. I bought a pair of jeans I thought would be too small for me last December, and now I can slide them on and off without undoing the buttons. My face has slimmed down a bit too.

Overall, I'm actually feeling good about my appearance, which is strange and wonderful. Can I also just mention that it's nice to go to the doctor and be able to say, yes, I DO exercise regularly?

As far as fitness updates go, push-ups are starting to happen! They aren't very fast or numerous, but I can get that full range of motion! I wasn't sure if that would ever be possible, so I'm happy. I'm able to last a little bit longer on intervals of things like jackknife crunches or jumping lunges. Lizard hops and spider man/super man/whatever push ups are still awful.

My other thing is that I was able to do a tripod headstand the other day! It's been a mini goal of mine ever since I tried and failed at a yoga class some years ago, but now I finally have the core strength! Next up will be a full handstand.

I'll be starting Sweat tomorrow. I've done it once before without any of the extra credit videos, so my goal this time is to do all of them. I also want to continue my clean eating plan. (Although I'm going to Germany next weekend, and beer and pastries will happen. No regrets there.)

Thanks as always to Kelli & Daniel, the entire FB team, and the community here for all of the resources and support!