One year!

I want to start of by saying thank you to fitness blender for your extremely effective programs, honest advice, and supportive community! I am so nervous to post this but I wanted others to see that this really works. In my 'before' picture I had been working out for 4 years straight, hungry all the time, and not seeing the results i was working so hard for. I would sometimes workout in the morning and then run at night. I was working out 6-7 days per week. I did not understand fitness until reading all of the informative articles by fitness blender. I found out eating more actually led to losing weight! If there was a diet I tried it (low carb, keto, colored containers, points plan, cabbage soup, and on and on) and nothing worked for me! Now I eat 1850+ calories per day and once a week I'll eat 2300-2700, mostly clean foods. I have done this since I started fitness blender. Make sure you take progress pictures because I've only lost 3 pounds and would've been so discouraged had I not been able to see the difference in the pictures!