Sharing the Love of FB

I have a friend who recently started working out. She was enjoying it but the more she got into it, the more the gym teachers started haggling at her to “count your macros,” “workout regardless of how tired you are,” “drink x-amount of water per day,” and so on.

This friend is starting from zero and she was feeling overwhelmed with the immensity of what these health freaks (who do what they do for a living) were telling her to do, when she’s never even done a push-up in her life before.

I had the thrill of telling her about Fitness Blender and being a testimony myself of how y’all have changed my view of working out, and I have a healthy body to show for it! I sent her a few introduction videos and she’s going to join the FB Team!! I thrilled to have shown her a better way.

Be looking out there, friends, for people who want to start but don’t even know

how. Not everyone wants to be a body builder who has to schedule when the freaking want to drink water! 😂 But that’s what the media wants them to believe they need. Show them there IS a way to be healthy AND enjoy it AND not have it consume their whole waking life!! It’ll change their lives.