Getting used to the new me

o, my fitness journey is a lifelong journey (a whole book). But I'll shoot for the abridged version.

I was born in Kenya and spent the earlier years of my life in a country where most middle-class families eat three healthy, home-cooked, unprocessed meals a day. They also walk a lot. When I was twelve, I moved to the states and was introduced to the world of overabundance. I overindulged in pizza, cheese burgers, cheese puffs, cheese cake, ice cream, Chili's chocolate molten lava cake, tiramisu, croissants, patty melts...and so much more. Although I was conscious of my changing physical image, I was blissfully unaware of the price I was paying for my eating habits.

My parents were first generation African immigrants and had brought us here to enjoy all of the luxuries that they couldn't afford us in Kenya. They worked a lot and there was really no one at home to monitor/check my eating habits. I think even when they were at home, they took pleasure in the fact that they could buy us anything we wanted.

I wasn't involved in any sports or physical activities throughout middle and high school. I remember weighing myself when I arrived here in Jan 1998 at 120 pounds, summer '99 at 145. By the time I was graduating high school in '03, I weighed 175. At my heaviest in '09, I was 194. And for a 5 foot short girl, that's a lot of weight.

In 2010, after my first son was born, I decided to do something about my weight. I'd always seen this as this impossible challenge, but when my son was born, within the first month of me staying at home with him and nursing him, I'd gone from 198 (pregnancy weight) to 175. My weight loss goal actually looked achievable. I was stoked. I started doing Insanity. With insanity I lost weight, (from 175-152), but I quickly learned that weight not all weight loss was the same. Although I was getting skinnier, I wasn't toning. I had so much 'flab'. I remember asking my SIL how to get rid of the flab under my arms and her mentioning weight lifting and push ups. But it never really stuck. I dismissed it, assuming that the only people who lifted weights were athletic males.

After the delivery of my second son in 2013, my brother in law recommended Fitness Blender. When I started, I quickly fell in love with Daniel and Kelly. I felt like I had my own personal fitness trainers a video away. I purchased the 8 week FB programs and completed several rounds. I went down from 200 pound (pregnancy weight) to 165. I quickly noticed the difference with Fitness Blender and Insanity. I noticed that I could fit into the clothes I could wear at my Insanity weight of 152 even though I weighed about 10 more pounds. FB became my lifestyle. At least 5 days a week, I'd walk to my neighborhood gym and put on FB on my cell phone.

Fast forward to son #3 in 2017. My post pregnancy weight was 195. I lost 20, regained 10 while nursing. In August 2018, I started the 8 week FB program at 185 pounds. I did two rounds of it.

I then purchased the 30 day FB Sweat program in November '18 and did two rounds. Being a mom of 3, there were days, when I just couldn't get to it. And I skipped a day, but always made sure I started back where I stopped. I tried to never skip more than two days. I've stuck to eating clean homemade food-most of the time. Fast-food and restaurants only during weekends. I meal prep on Sunday. I pack snacks (fruit, plain yogurt, almonds) so that I don't have to grab eat unhealthy snacks at work or on my way home. I drink plenty of water. Although, I don't weigh my food, I am conscious of how many calories are in the foods I normally eat.

I went from a 12-10 dress size to a 4-2 dress size. A 12 pant size to a 6 pant size. I went from 175 pounds to 150 pounds. I feel great. I haven't seen myself this way in my adult life.

My hubby of 14 years called me stunning the other day and words can't describe how that felt...He's always looked great-lifelong athlete. Some of my friends and family think I look great. Some think I look too skinny and should eat some more bread and doughnuts...lol. My mom thinks my hands look like I'm malnourished. Honestly, I think my face doesn't look as "pretty" as it did when it was fatter. Some of my friends think I've got more fat to lose. When I look in the mirror, I still see a lot of belly n thigh. But I also notice my thighs are leaner and more toned. My flabby arms are toning. Shopping for clothes in the small not medium section is weird. I haven't gotten used to the new me.

Sometimes, I'll serve a plate of food and be surprised at how quickly I fill up. There are occasions, when I rebel against my stomach and keep going. There are times when I obey and don't keep going.

It's a journey...but at 34 I feel stronger and healthier than I've ever felt.