Healthy Eating Challenge Round 3 - Day 1

Hello FB Family!

How are you? Ready to jump into round 3 of the Healthy Eating Challenge? I am :D

I'm so happy today, it's unbelievable :) I feel like I could move mountains... Most of it is because my sister's here, just for this week because it will be my birthday soon, and she flew home so that we could celebrate together! [That's the best present ever, don't you think?]

Now, since my sister's here, my mother went out of her way to cook a fare worth of a queen :) So we had spaghetti with tomatoes, onions and fresh anchovies for lunch, and there was also baked mackarel with herbs and onions, which I'll save for dinner. Wild chicory as a side, some of our bread, and it was a feast, believe me!

By the way, I also want to share some unexpected good news. I had an appointment with my nutritionist to check my progress, as I'm trying to lose weight. I didn't expect great results, because I haven't been working out (thank you, hip -.-). However, it turned out that I lost 2 kg of fat! Seriously, I was so surprised! That is proof that good nutrition is essential to well-being and fat loss :D

Well, that's all for today - and sorry for writing so much :)

Have a wonderful day!