Morning! Today was LI 11! And a visit from Kelli and Daniel's cute little doggie at the end of the video in the outtakes!! So much love!

I am so thankful that tomorrow is a rest day!!! I am feeling really good. Before this group, I used to say to myself, "Oh, I'm sleepy, I'll just reschedule my calendar til tomorrow, it's cool."

But the check ins here, and staying on target and being *gasp* accountable! has helped sooo much! This is the furthest I have moved through a program, I bought LI and did about a week, then bought Reach and did about a week... and those two weeks took a month lol. But now, I have two solid weeks of check marks and I am so proud and happy!

I did accidentally sleep in a little and today's workout was long, so I have only a short hello before I head into work. Have a wonderful day, enjoy your workouts and your rests - today is Friday and we made it past the hell week of the time change!