#RecoveryComplete 3/14/19


Happy Pi Day! Today was a pretty normal day for me. I mostly followed my meal plan but ate a small dinner and no afternoon snack as we had no food in the house. We did get groceries and I had a big bowl of popcorn and Cheeze Itz to make up for this loss. Feeling better about going out to eat on Saturday as I’m not seeing a movie with my sister until next weekend and feel more calm about the food. Still looking forward to the movie next week and the one I’m seeing on Tuesday. Spring break is next week so I’m glad I have no classes so I can sleep more and study Spanish and start my big paper. Some stress today about food and the cost of my new school in fall. I hate that college is so much! But looking forward to relaxing tomorrow and watching a lot of Queer Eye!

I’ll probably watch with her!