#RecoveryComplete 3/13/19

Today is my first day of being 20 years old. I don’t feel 20 and I’m definitely not in a place where I want to be for my age and what’s happening with me. Eating went good today. Had a nice lunch out with my sister and had a good salad, soup, and a banana. Cooked dinner and made the most amazing snack afterwards. Toast with vegan cream cheese, strawberries, and cinnamon. But I did have stress/anxiety about future food as I’m going out on Saturday, Sunday my sister is taking me to see a movie, and next Tuesday for a bday/spring break gift my moms taking me to see Captain Marvel. I’m stressing over that I might eat bad food or not have a veggie with the meal. It’s silly but stressful but I’m talking to my parents about it which helps. Also stressing if recovery is going by too fast and if that’s m eating too much or to little. Ugh.

But in good news Jennipurr somehow managed to take a picture of herself with my iPod. I don’t know how but it’s so cute! ❤️❤️