Day 8 complete!


Only 20 more days to go! I'm wondering how everyone else was feeling at this point. I'm also doing a 4-week butt & thigh program.

I started this meal plan because I had become very lazy with my diet. I kind of treated my stomach like a garbage disposal when it came to lunch- I'd pick any leftover meal from the fridge and that would be it.

My night snacks were also random and mindless.

Anyway, I've always been good at sticking with an exercise regimen. And until recent years my weight would pretty much remain the same. But I'm not getting any younger and I put about 10 pounds on over the last year. So I finally made the decision to tackle my diet.

I'm learning a lot about clean eating. Two things surprised me about this experience so far- first, it's not that hard to cook and prepare the meals. They're simple and use only a handful of ingredients and still taste delicious.

Second, I don't miss processed sugars nearly as much as I thought I would.

I'm excited to keep going but would love to hear from others who have been on this journey or who are still on it. Great job if you are! Keep up the hard and excellent work!