Eating too many carbs

(This post is a ramble so I apologize.)

I've recently discovered that I've been eating too many carbs, which is causing me to gain more fat in my stomach area. It is an area that is really stubborn so that doesn't help at all.

I'm on the second week of FB Fit and I really like it. But my nutrition isn't good.

The carbs have mostly been pasta, unfortunately. Mainly whole grain or whole wheat. I'm going to completely cut out pasta out of my "diet" (I don't know what to call it) and see if that helps. I'll find a way to make my own.

But I have recently discovered Tofu and I absolutely love it. I've been pan frying it with an all purpose seasoning sauce but I'm going to try baking it and actually measuring how much of the sauce I use. Or find other things to add to the tofu to make it taste better.