#RecoveryComplete 3/12/19

It was a really good day today! I saw my therapist and I’m now feeling a little better about the eating issues and stress of transferring colleges in the fall. I followed my meal plan but skipped my afternoon snack and opted for a bigger treat myself which I’m trying to do once a week. As no one cooked dinner I had a light meal of crackers with cheese, chicken, and grapes. So my treat myself was popcorn with goldfish both cheddar and cinnamon and teddy grams. I’m going to try to keep this at once a week and have it as a doing good reward while watching a Netflix show. It’s my birthday tomorrow so my sister is taking me out for lunch at Panera and I’m excited to get a salad and soup. Still going out with the whole family on Saturday so trying to be healthy until then. Might try something new then and get dessert.

She’s still the center of attention tho. 😂😂🙃