5 month progress - The importance of progress pics!

I honestly didn't think I've made any progress at all, which is ridiculous to think about when you look at these pictures. This is honestly why progress pictures are important, even though I'm 10lbs lighter in the photo to the right, I never felt that way. I was too hard on myself if I missed 1 workout or had a bad week.

I'm happy to say I'm proud of myself. I'm still focusing on building muscle and feeling stronger, but I'm so much lighter in my mind and body now. My favorite workout programs are FB Booty and FB Burn Round 2. I also focus on cooking home a lot, eating more veggies, fruits and beans! I'm not the biggest fan of chicken but I'll have pork tenderloin every now and then :) We mostly eat burrito bowls in different variations for dinner and lunch.

I hope this helps!