Counting Calories and Weight Fluctuations


Hey you guys!

I was wondering how you guys approach this entire health thing:

Do you count calories?

Do you count macros?

How many times a work do you actively move during a week?

Do you have a training split or just moving intuitively and choosing workouts as you go and feel?

And to those who weigh themselves regularly - how do you deal with weight fluctuations?

I feel like there’s no one right way to approach this and as I am still on my journey to become fit and healthy, I still have a long way to go and a lot of unhealthy diet mentality habits that I need to unlearn... honestly, I guess I’m just ranting and looking for someone to tell me that I’m doing good and someone I can share my concerns and thoughts with... But then again, I have realized that I am incredibly priviledged to even have these kinds of worries... ah, as you guys can see, I am kind of in a conflicted state of mind - is someone else feeling like this right now?