NEW Workout! Fat Burning Cardio w Low Impact Mods | + A Challenge


New workout is live!

Fat Burning Cardio Workout with Relaxing Cool Down & Low Impact Cardio Modifications

Wearing our new teal Performance Workout Complete leggings & Performance Racerback Tank Azalea  ( 🤗)

This cardio interval workout includes your warm up and cool down, making it possible for you to get in a great workout in under 35 minutes. You wont need any equipment at all and I've provided low impact and more intense modifications all throughout, so that this routine can be used for a very wide range of fitness levels.

On another note - this was by far the hardest workout that I have done personally or filmed for around 16 months. I'm coming back you guys!!!!! I'm gaining range of motion and losing fear with movement - as some of you may be able to attest to, chronic pain can do some pretty funky things with your head & relationship with your body and movement. Still having lots of ups and downs but I am steadily chipping away at those things. I've taken pictures all along the way and hope to share someday, just need to get a little stronger & steadier myself, first. Also, going strong with Week 2 of FB Low Impact. Feels good!!

Let me know what you think of the new workout!

Here's a challenge; do something for yourself today that will make the rest of the week easier. It could be something really small. Just a little something that "Tomorrow You" will recognize, smile and say, "thanks, Yesterday Me". It's dorky but I do it on Sundays (usually involves tackling a mountain of laundry haha) and it helps manage a chaotic week. Try it!