Healthy Eating Challenge Round 2 - Day 26


Hello FB Family!

It's been a hectic week, and I'm only now realising that so much time has passed since my last post... On the bright side, it was #HealthyWeekComplete, despite lots of things to do and some stressful times :)

Now, let's talk about food, shall we? Yesterday was baking day (or is it "bake day" the correct wording?) so this means we had fresh bread, and everyone chose his/her own protein and veggies to fill it with. Today I skipped my overnight oats in favour of bread and jam *.* (and an apple cinnamon smoothie). My lunch was more bread with cheese and a side of broccoli and chard. I've already my baked fish for dinner, and I'll pair it with a green salad and some more broccoli.

What about you? Are you having a healthy Sunday or an indulging one?

Have a wonderful day, Blenders!