Hey Guys i am really stressed out because i want to have abs really bad and when i do the free programs yeah sometimes they burn but i want more burn i can't purchase any programs because i am a 14 year old my parents won't let me i heard that v-ups can make you have abs in a right form and i try to do it in a right form but it won't work either because i have to wear a sports-bra to do it and not wear regular t-shirts to do it and when i do the v-ups for some reason it like pulls me and if i do it in a fast way i can't keep my back straight and also if i can't do a v-up what would be some great free ab program for me also i have a good diet i eat 5-6 meals a day morning plain oatmeal with apples and bananas at 8 or 9;00 on weekends and 6;00 at school days then for lunch i will have whole wheat bread or like whole wheat chapti with vegetables 10;30 0r 11;00 after that snack at 3;00 like whole wheat peanut butter sandwich or whole wheat crackers with low fat cottage cheese or omelet with avocados and then have dinner at 7;00 which is basically whole wheat chapti with vegetables like broccoli carrots and celery it would be helpful if you guys give me some advice ( i am stressing like crazy)either on my meals or how to get abs cause i am desperate for abs thank you!