#RecoveryComplete March 9th 2019

Happy Saturday!! Today was pretty good. Still couldn’t eat my morning snack tho. I don’t know why I’m struggling with that so much. I know I have to eat to get better but I’m still scared of gaining weight. I always think if I eat this I’ll get fatter. But weight isn’t just fat it’s organs, bones, skin, muscle, and healthy fat you need in order to live. I ate the rest of the meal plan and plan on having popcorn with Cheeze it’s and teddy grams soon. I wish I could just let go and eat. But I’m still scared of eating bad like eating bread, bagels, and peanut butter. I think I’m afraid of recovering too fast and then having to go back to restriction and avoiding food again. But I won’t. I see on here you guys eating food you like and healthy food and you don’t restrict so hopefully I can get better. I also hate how much I think about food. I waste so much time and energy.

Jennipurr decided to sun bathe again today!