Eating Disorder Awareness Youtube Video


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This post is mostly because I know some of us are suffering for EDs and, sometimes, people around us don't understand what we are dealing with.

After Emma C's posts, I realized that this is more often than not. We don't know what to do or how react to people with these conditions. Also, we don't see how much these conditions affect them, but also, how these conditions affect the people close to the person with the ED.

I started seeing a video of a Youtuber that suffers from Anorexia, a kind of ED. Even though this a very common and known ED, we still don't imagine, can't imagine, how does it feels to be suffering from this.

I wanted to share the link to a confession that she and her boyfriend did to show how her ED affects their relationship:


These conditions are not as simple as we might think. I think it is very important to try to be aware and aware people about these conditions. We must try to understand them and help them.

Love and support to all of the people whom are suffering from any kind of ED. We are here to support and encourage each other!

And good luck to all of you in your recovery journeys and lots of positive energy to all!