#RecoveryComplete 3/8/19

Today was a good day but challenging. It started out fine but my new meal plan requires me to eat 3 snacks and a different lunch. When the time came for my first snack I couldn’t eat it. Then I didn’t change my lunch either. When it was time for my second snack I thought about skipping it but I stopped myself. I thought how silly I was being and if I’m going to recover then I need to be all in. This means pushing myself everyday. So I ate that snack. I had two chocolate chip banana muffins that I baked. I also drank chocolate almond milk. The drink was key as my nutritionist wants me to add drinks with calories bedsides my protein shake. I usually just drink water and diet soda. I felt really full after my snack and felt like I was going to throw up. But I laid down and felt better and had my pizza for dinner!! It was great, made with English muffins, sauce, vegan cheese, peppers and onions. Then I had homemade fries and finished it off with ice cream left from yesterday with chocolate chips and cinnamon goldfish. I feel really full and will not eat more today but I’m glad I stuck mostly to the plan. Each day will be a challenge but I have to keep pushing on. I want to get better in order to work again, have more focus at school, and be able to workout and live life. Tomorrow my goal is to hopefully follow my meal plan fully.

Also Jennipurr was soaking up the rays today. 😂😂