Time zone for the calendar


I'm still getting used to this new site, but I'm already disappointed that the only feature I had been hoping for is not present - and I did send a couple of messages asking for it! Could you please make it possible to select one's own time zone for the calendar? I work out in the mornings and if it's Monday on my time zone, it's still Sunday in the site's time zone - the same goes for ticking off the workout complete button: I finish early in the morning and it shows the time of the evening before!

Also, might I have the old calendar? This new one, with that long blue line, is so very confusing and bland, it's like one day merges into the next with no clear distinction between them! It would also be great if the blue of the day could become green once all the workouts for that day are complete.

I love that there is now a community where I can leave feedback without having any social network accounts! Feels more like a family and like my voice will be heard, even if I don't have facebook or twitter or instagram. Thank you! Also, love the new feature "last workout complete" - it helps keeping track, especially now that I'll start working out again after some ten days' rest for a mild injury.

Thank you for the effort you put for this new site!