Simple easy lunch🤗


One tortilla

Sliced cheese of your choice(I used cheddar)

A can of tuna or package of tuna whatever you prefer, drained

A salad mix of your choice(I love arugula and spinach)

Mustard of your choice

Skillet(I use my cast iron bc the tortilla won't stick to it)

Warm skillet on low. Place tortilla on plate, put on a slice or two of cheese, place a good handful of salad mix on top of cheese and then spread out the tuna on top of salad mix. Squeeze desired liking of mustard on tuna. Roll tortilla like a burrito. Place wrap fold side down on the skillet and flip to other side when golden brown. When other side is done eat up! It's delish and a simple lunch with a good amount of nutrition 👍🏼