#RecoveryComplete 3/6/19


Decided to change the name of my updates to #RecoveryComplete for everyday I’m in recovery. It seems right for the FB community. Today was pretty good overall. I went to therapy and that went well. Then I had a nurse check in where I found I gained 2lbs in 5 days to make me weigh 100lbs. This really freaked me out at first and I was worried that I was gaining to quickly, recovery would go by to fast and I won’t be able to enjoy it and I’ll have to go back to restricting. But I talked to my mom about it and I know see how dumb that is! I need to gain weight and some weeks I may gain more fast and others it may be slower or I’ll be the same! Also when I’m at my goal weight I don’t have to restrict or give up eating bad food! Because no food is bad and as long as a eat in moderation I’ll be fine. Also I don’t have to restrict if I know how to eat the right amount of food and balance it with exercise. I see my nutritionist tomorrow and I hope to get a meal plan and more knowledge about food and health in general. Also I made protein balls and they are so good! Just two scoops of protein powder, peanut butter and honey!

Also got to take a nap with her this afternoon!