Can you still add in food that have 11g or 12g of sugar in you eating clean days


Hi everyone My question is when you eat clean in 6 days can you have sugar at all like lets say you have 1 granola bar which has about 140 cal and 11g of sugar can i still eat that and the rest of the day eat healthy bc in its nutrition facts it had 7g of sugar 3g of protein 0.5g of saturated fat 0g of trans fat plus 2g of Dietary fiber and also for these Organic Belgian dark chocolate thins so i walked into my Pantry when i came home from school so i looked at these at the nutrition facts for them is 150 cal 6g of saturated fat 0g of Trans fat Sodium 30mg Dietary Fiber 2g total sugar 11g included 10g added sugar protein 2g so i ate only 1 serving and its 150 cal per 1 serving. I looked at other people's communtiy chat and some of them were saying eating clean and i started thinking to myself would i get fat if i eat 1 or 2 thing that has about 11 or 12g of sugar in it and eat healthy the rest of the day. It would help me alot if any advice is givin to me :)