Sunflower seed flour - recipes?


Hello, fitblenders!

About 2 weeks ago, as I went for grocery shopping, I stumbled upon some different type of flours, and decided to buy some, as I later have come to realize that I really need to cut on white flour as much as I can (bloating, bad gut bacteria, etc) - and so far, I have been feeling great, like I haven't in ages.

But every now and then, I do miss baking, so that is why I considered replacing white flour with something else. I bought spelt flour, and sunflower seed flour. As for the first one, I managed to find a lot of recipes online, but for sunflower seed flour.... ??? Nothing! And to make it worse, I went on and tried 2 recipes I normally make and.... it kinda tastes like cardboard :(

With all this being said - I am now stuck with 200g of sunflower seed flour, and wondering, is there a nice, tasty way of using SS flour? Is it even meant to be used for baking? If any of you have useful info on this, I really appreciate in advance