Health Update March 5th 2019


Today has been so much better than yesterday! I’m happy with the food I ate and I didn’t restrict at all. I hate everything that I should have and enjoyed it. Especially the grapes I had as a snack! They were so sweet! Also the waffles I made last night were a hit in family! Which is hard as we have many picky eaters! But I feel better today and I see my therapist tomorrow so that’s good and a new nutritionist on Thursday. He’s pretty far but my moms going with me thankfully so I don’t get lost. It’s also during peak travel tine in the morning so I’m glad she’ll be with me! Hope everyone is having a good day. Also my favorite tv show is on tonight, the flash! It’s been a few weeks so I’m happy I get to see that.

Also caught her staring at me! 😂