How was your first week of 2018? Any NY Resolutions?


Hey FB Family, I hope the New Year is off to a good start for you, in all ways :)

Have you been making strides, big or small, towards a healthier, happier, less stressed you? I know technically January 1 is just another day, but who doesn't love the chance for a fresh mindset?

My goal this year is to learn to stress less, or handle stress better (the last few years have been intense). I am actively pursuing this goal with mindfulness practices, and I've even picked up meditation (BTW -

just like you've probably already heard; it's amazing for stress/pain/help with sleeping, etc).

Do you have any goals set for yourself? How will you get yourself closer to your goal? Remember, little steps, little goals, can add up to big changes.

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Enjoy your weekend. See you Sunday!