Nutrition Tips

Hi there,

I've been on and off working out with Fitness Blender for the last year. I do pretty good with motivating to work out but struggle with keeping to a healthy diet. After spending years calorie counting, it started to negatively impact my life and so I've stopped. I keep healthy food in the house and do most of my own cooking, but I struggle with willpower. I work a stressful job and during certain periods find myself stress eating. I've gained about 15 pounds since 2015 and would love to get back to or beyond the weight I was before.

I try focusing on mindful eating and knowing that I will feel better and stronger by eating healthy, but I simply love sweets and fried foods. I want to get to the place where I only eat food that makes me feel good and make a shift in my overall diet without placing lots of restrictions on what I eat. Any tips?