Workout complete...well, not quite yet, but proud of myself!


I decided last week to do the Low Impact programme with Kelli. So when I read she had started the LI programme yesterday, I wanted to do the same. I did the PFT, but it was too dark to go outside and do the one mile run. I decided to wait till this morning to do that one. Then I thought I might as well combine it with a practice run for the 10k I am going to do in May. Poor hubby, I told him I wanted to run on my own.... oops! He never runs more than 5k and is usually slower than me! So we ran in different directions! I decided to run for an hour and check later how far I had run. I included a fair bit of elevation, so was actually quite proud when I realised I had done 8k!!!! My one mile run took me 11 minutes.... and no aches and pains after my run!

Now I still have to do day 2 of the LI programme but that is a nice revovery cardio workout. Looking forward to that!

While I am typing this in the bay window of the bedroom, I can hear the birds singing, the sun is out and the sea is blue.... what more can one want!