Health Update: March 3rd 2019


Hi FB Family,

Today was a pretty weird day all together. First they keep changing the snow amounts we might get overnight which is very annoying. But besides that I was suppose to see my nana (other grandparents that I thought I'd see yesterday) today with my dad but she called last night and basically said she didn't want to see me. I had no idea what I could have done or said to her. Turns out she was having a bad day and was mad a life in general but it did hurt my feelings that she didn't want to see me. Besides that I've been having heartburn issues and digestion problems. My stomach really hurts right now and I just ate dinner so I hope it goes so I can have popcorn later. But if not I just will have to skip my snack. Eating went okay but I'm still stressed over calories and trying not to count them. Also I have to tell my boss that I'm quitting either tomorrow if school is open or Tuesday if its closed because of the snow. I'm just worried how to say it and if she'll be mad. But it's for my health. I still have a lot of stress over school, money, and food. Ugh, hopefully I can get an appointment with a nutritionist this week so I can start a fresh plan.