😡😡😡😡sooo much rubbish again!


The Ploggers were at it again today. Eight of us in total filled a whole rubbish container in 90 minutes!!! The nine-year-old girl in the top right hand pic gives you some idea of the size of the container! It is a disgrace, but at least I feel I did my bit!

The weather forecast was pretty bad, but yesterday we had agreed to go ahead with our plogging session. So it was such a pleasant surprise to see the sun out this morning! The view, of course, as always was amazing! It is so wonderful to live in a beautiful place like this!!!! A pity that people feel the need to litter it. We found an abandoned broken child’s car seat, a broken empty suitcase, a torn sleeping bag, a completely destroyed picnic basket.... loads of empty cans and bottles and ....I won’t go on!

It was great to have our group together, chatting happily while litterpicking and at the end we all went for a well earned coffee! We all resisted the amazing looking rainbow cake though!