Healthy Eating Challenge Round 2 - Day 17


Hello FB Family!

It's the end of the day here so I can already say #HealthyDayComplete!

Lunch was simply delicious: fish with caramellized onions and steamed broccoli on the side, yum :D For dinner, I had cannellini beans hummus, served on slices of bread, with a leafy greens and oranges salad. Oh, and did I forget? My aunt stopped by to give us some freshly baked cake AND cookies... I mean, could I resist? Of course I had to have either of those! I chose a slice of cake for mid-afternoon snack (those cookies will be part of mid-morning snack tomorrow, so yay!).

Still, as I wrote at the beginning, it was a healthy day because I didn't devour ALL the cake (that would be my father, if left on his own with the cake LOL) but had just a moderate amount. Balance! So, if you are among those who give up healthy eating because of a cookie or a piece of cake, and think "well, this day is ruined", let me tell you: IT'S NOT RUINED. Maybe you did have half the pack of cookies, so what? The next meal will be better! Or if you ate only a small portion of dessert, that WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR HEALTH OR DIET. Sorry for the amount of capital letters, but sometimes it helps to get through to people. Enjoy your treats with a smile, your body will thank you!

Now, I'm off to bed. Goodnight to me and good day to you, Blenders!