Fitness Newbie! Any advice?


Hello, my name is Audri. I am brand-new to true fitness, workouts, and nutrition. I have tried off and on for a few years, though when I first began, I didn't have the safest methods or proper perspective. I'm looking to commit to fitness and workouts, especially since don't have that issue anymore but want to start again and commit as a lifestyle decision. I'm 18 and going to become an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) later this year, after my HS graduation in May. For this reason, I want and need to be in the optimum physical condition that I can be in that is best for my body, in order to fully be capable of succeeding at my duties and performance as an EMT. Would anyone have any advice as to which FB programs would be best, to begin with, and or pair programs with? Or what sort of goal-setting needs to be done and how to make sure I stay committed? I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions for beginning this fitness journey!