I love celebrating the end of a program. Recently I fell in love with FB Abs round 2, but after completing it twice I knew I needed a program that was less time consuming, so I turned to FB30.

Guys I absolutely loved this program. It was widely varied, so I felt like I was working my entire body each week. It was a great mix of cardio/strength training/kickboxing/pilates. I never got bored. And somehow, K&D crammed enough into 30 minutes that I was always sweating (and swearing) by the end of each routine. I am seriously impressed by how much you can challenge yourself in such a short amount of time.

Like some of you know, I just moved into a new apartment with a gym, so I think I will focus on strength training for a few weeks and take advantage of the weights. But you bet I'll be back for FB30 in just a few weeks :)