Health Update: 2/27/19


Today was a pretty average day for me. But they had to turn the water off on my street and it was hard get my daily water intake. I did prefill jugs with tap water as I refuse to drink from wasteful plastic bottles. Eating wise it was okay today. Did have a meltdown about feeling hopeless and alone as my therapist can’t directly talk about EDs because she had no training so I feel like I have not real plan or support.

Breakfast: protein shake, oatmeal with a banana.

Lunch: yogurt with trail mix, an apple, goldfish, chocolate corvered berries, and cashews.

Dinner: Turkey burger with bread, rice, with peas and carrots.

I’m still stressed about my research paper but I think I may have enough sources but I’ll continue to research up until next week. I hope I can stop counting calories and have a solid eating plan soon or I’m going to lose it. 😭😭