Protein Powder: Opinions?


Hello, FBFamily!

How is your day? How is your week? Everything going well? 😊 Hope so!

So... I bought a protein powder today from Sascha Fitness (a well known latin fitness guru hehe).

So, I saw reviews from consumers and from specialists and they are great so I bought it to try it out.

The protein is hydrolyzed wheat protein, 100% grass fed, 0 lactose, 0 fats, 0 carbs, 110 calories, sweetened with stevia, and 90mg sodium.

I must say that I don't plan to drink or eat it everyday! Just some days as a shake with fruit or/and peanut butter or nuts, or as a crepe, or in recipes, etc.

So, in any case, just wanted to know your opinions, advice, if you have recipes, etc!😊