Health Update: 2/25/19


Currently without power due to the extreme winds. Luckily my family has a generator. Today started off normal but then took a weird turn. I realized I’m sick of this quasi recovery and calorie counting and weighing myself. Currently I’m roughly 98 lbs according to my scale at home. I just want to be in real recovery so I’ve decided to try the Minnie Maud method of recovery. For me or recommends eating 3,000 calories a day, no exercise, and full recovery. I’m going to try eating more this week and ask my doctor about this when I see her on Friday. I basically ate that much today as I binged after dinner and ate a lot of popcorn with Cheeze Itz and chocolate corvered berries.

Breakfast: protein shake, oatmeal and a banana

Lunch: yogurt, cashews, Cheeze Itz, chocolate corvered berries and pretzels, an apple and trail mix in yogurt

Dinner: French today bagel with peanut Butter, jam, grapes, Cheeze Itz, 2 rice cakes

Binge: Popcorn, Cheeze Itz and chocolate corvered berries

Trying to be more honest with myself and I hope I can eat healthy and stop bingeing and gain weight. I’d love to have any snack or meal recommendations from you guys!

Also Jennipurr is hiding because she’s so cold!