Solution I found that works for DOMS - Post-Workout Soreness


I am a newbie to Fitness Blender and I will be posting more about my story soon, but I just wanted to share a supplement that I've been using for DOMS (or post-workout soreness) while completing the Low Impact program.

In the past when I've started a workout program I would find it hard to continue because of the soreness I would get the day after exercise. I recently started reading about CBD oil for pain and inflammation (plus mood). I am in Canada where marijuana and products made from it are legal, except for some reason you still need a prescription for weed derived CBD oil. There are some differences between hemp and weed derived CBD, but I can definitely say that a full spectrum, CO2 extracted hemp derived CBD oil is still quite effective for pain. So far I've tried it for hormonal headaches and for post-exercise soreness. I would say it takes the soreness down from a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10) where it hurts to bend, to about a 3. It definitely allows me to keep working out the next day. And it helps within about an hour, so I can take it just before a workout. I take a small dose too, probably only about 8-10mg, whereas the full dropper dose I have is about 16mg.

If you can get your hands on this and DOMS is a big issue for you, I would definitely try it. Also mine has no THC, so there are no psychoactive properties in the CBD oil I have. Weed derived CBD oil usually has about 1mg of THC, because weed strains are generally higher in THC than hemp, at least the ones we breed. I do believe there are some very very low weed THC strains though.

I also take cod liver oil and I've started taking a turmeric/ginger liquid shot, but nothing works quite like the CBD. Food for thought.