Am I not eating enough, or is my metabolism just on fire?


For context, I'm 5'4 and 158 lbs, 31 year old woman. I have hashimoto thyroiditis and I'm on medication to manage my thyroid hormones. From everything I've read and heard from doctors I should be able to lose weight like a normal person, and even though it has been a struggle, I've lost 13 lbs from January 1 of this year (granted a lot of that first 5 lbs was holiday bloat so it came off fast and easy).

I know FB loves to suggest intuitive eating- and I think that's a great goal for people already at a healthy weight. But, I don't intuitively eat at a calorie deficit- I actually eat pretty well to maintain my weight intuitively, but with the goal of losing weight I can't do this. So I've been tracking calories, and it's really the only thing that's ever worked for me to lose weight.

Right now I'm eating ~1500 calories a day. I say roughly because there are definitely days I eat more (like going out to eat) and sometimes eat less. I also don't super accurately track every bite I eat- I'm not about to weigh my spinach or track a few slices of tomato on my sandwich, but the calorie dense foods are what I concern myself with.

My question is- within the last week or so I've felt like my normal 300-400 calorie meals (like oatmeal, avocado toast and eggs, burrito bowls, FB broccoli pasta dish, etc) aren't satisfying. I eat and still feel like I'm starving after. Normally these foods satisfy me pretty well, full of protein, fat and fiber. I've been drinking water and my workouts are still very similar to what I've been doing for a long time now.

Could this just be what it's like to have a good metabolism? I don't really want to up my calorie intake much because 1500 calories is what was recommended by my DR- also since I'm losing weight I should technically be burning less calories per day than when I was heavier, right? Is this just a phase during weight loss that's common? I'm just starting to get annoyed with always feeling hungry. Any advice/input is appreciated!