New Job, Looooonnng Commute, and 45 Pounds Gained


Hello FBFam!

TLDR: 5 hour long commute, is really fat now, needs tips for how to fix life :P

It has been a hot minute since I have used either my gym membership (still paying, of course) or my FB programs. 8 months ago I started a new job, and 1 year ago I started my MBA. Over the last year I have gained 45 pounds due mainly to my 5 hour per day commute into LA's financial district. I sit for 2.5 hours, get to work, sit for 8 or 9 hours, then sit for 2.5 hours to get home (LA Traffic is a lot of you going 0 mph for a long time). I can't afford to move literally any closer to my job (SoCal housing market is a special, expensive beast). Does anyone have any tips on how to work out and meal prep when you are in a constant state of exhaustion? I don't even know what my cat looks like any more because I see him for like 15 minutes a day. In September I collapsed due to exhaustion in the subway and was hospitalized. Short of finding a new job or moving (both of those options are difficult, long processes) does anyone have any advice for me in my current situation? I need to lose this extra weight and I need more energy- but I don't even remember where to start. I gained back 45 of the 60 pounds it took me two years to lose, so I am getting desperate which definitely makes me want more cookies than I need...