consuming calories


Hello fitnessblender

I've been doing your workout videos for many years and I really love them. Thank you soo much for your hard work. I really appreciate my results both mentally and physically thanks to your workouts.

I have a few questions though:

I want to shed a few pounds and I follow your workout regimen in a weekly basis. However, I don't know how much calories I can consume. I have a sedentary lifestyle. I am a student and work as a cashier which means, according to your article, I burn approximately 2000 calories. And if I were to workout on top of that, then would that mean I am burning in total a maximum of 2500 calories?

If thats the case, then can I consume 2000 calories and workout daily and burn off 500 calories and thus burn 1 pound each week?

Please enlighten me. Thank you!