Feeling a little bit low and deflated, could use some advise :)


Hey everyone hope you're all having a great start to the new year. I am, however, lately I've been working out with my best friend. I adore her I literally think she's amazing, another thing about her is she also looks amazing. She has been working out with me now for about 6 weeks, she's small framed and since working out with her I am feeling very low. I was 5 sizes bigger then her when I started working out, I'm now almost at her size, but the 'almost' bit is killing me. Because she's now working out she's also loosing weight and just looks incredible! But that also means that I feel like I'm getting in a bad head space where I feel huge next to her again. It's hard because I see her everyday we are now working out five times a week together which is amazing because our kids are the same age so they play while we work out, but then I get home and feel like I have to work out again because I just feel huge after seeing her, does anyone else have this kind of issue/ tips on how to handle it? Since discovering fitness blender I have changed my ways on eating and exercising and I do not want to get back in the head space I had previously of just starving myself (which I promise will not happen I'm just nervous I'll get so low again and it'll slowly start getting that way) so I'm just wondering how to cope with it because if I'm honest I'm not coping great at the moment. Another problem is I feel like every time I look in the mirror I just look bigger and I know I've lost weight but I'm so confused why I'm not seeing It and then I feel like she thinks that of me too, so I'm a bit all over the place. Anyways thanks for reading!! Xox